Nicola Caito, Hervé Pierre and a model wearing a look from the Atelier Caito for Hervé Pierre collection.

As the year comes to a close, First Lady Melania Trump’s designer choices have been the focus of plenty of listicles.

Soon her stylist of choice, Hervé Pierre, will be in the spotlight in his hometown. Pierre’s holiday celebrations will be extended Wednesday in Sancerre, France, where he will receive the keys to the city.

“I’m so touched because everyone is working in the wine industry or in the goat cheese industry. Sancerre is located on top of a hill, which is where all the vineyards are. And at the bottom of the hill you have Chavignol goat cheese, which is the most delicious and expensive one in the world — for people who like goat cheese.” he said. “It was not so easy as a kid to do fashion in that environment.”

“The good news was that they knew what I wanted to do. You have a lot of parents who look at their teenagers and say, ‘What are we going to do with that one?’ That was not the case with my parents. I knew exactly what I wanted to do — which university, which school. It was actually a very straight line. There were no surprises,” he said.

Although his father passed away several years ago, his mother will be on hand for the festivities, as will his sister, who was Sancerre’s mayor at one time. “I like the idea that I did something, even if it’s only frivolous, during my participation on earth — at least I dressed people. You cannot go naked on the street as you know. It would not be so.”

Pierre recently presented pre-fall for the Atelier Caito for Hervé Pierre collection. The 16 styles and the setting — his New York apartment — went over well with buyers who told him, ‘OK, we do not need to do the editing. It’s already been done for us. Their budgets aren’t elastic so you have to be smart,” he said.

After showing pre-fall and before leaving for Europe, Pierre traveled to the Beltway last week for one of the White House’s 18 holiday parties. After meeting friends for a drink, his return to the White House’s main gate was memorable. “Imagine it’s midnight and you see a guy at the security gate, who says, ‘Hi, I’m coming to sleep over.’ They look at you like you are not normal. Of course, they don’t believe me, but I tell them my luggage is already there,” he said. “But I’m beginning to know all of them.”