HOUSE PARTY: Before Meredith Kaplan opens the doors to her boutique Gratus in Beverly Hills this summer, she got a taste of a shopping frenzy at her Holmby Hills mansion Thursday afternoon. Around 300 people, including Minnie Driver, Lisa Kudrow, Shiri Appleby, Perrey Reeves, Crystal Lourd, Maria Bell, Kristin Davis, George Kotsiopoulous and Elizabeth Stewart, swarmed the bottom floor of the house, where some 240 handbags from 200 different designers covered tables, couches, chairs and stairs for the 10th annual bag lunch to benefit P.S. Arts.

Ever the stylist, Kotsiopoulous carefully matched women with bags being auctioned off. “That Chloe is really cute,” he said, approving of a style for Lourd, who agreed with his choice. Davis did her best to avoid the tumult. “I just paid full price for a Givenchy bag because it’s easier than trying to duke it out with everybody. I’ve learned my lesson,” she said.

Although Davis called herself more of a shoe than a bag person, Stewart, who started the bag lunch with Kotsiopoulous that has raised more than $1 million over the years for the arts education non-profit organization and brought in another $150,000-plus on Thursday, commended the actress’ dedication to the event. “She’s actually a great customer. She bought a Chanel last year that she wears a lot,” said Stewart, who, while scanning the bag assortment for something to enhance her wardrobe, added, “There’s an amazing McQueen I have my eye on. I normally go for the funky and really special bags. ”