The artist, wife and business partner of Rick Owens, Michèle Lamy, said she is working on many projects, including the ongoing Corner Shop in Selfridges, which includes punching bags decorated by designers and artists. Through the concept called Lamyland, she is posing the question of what everybody is fighting for today.

“The boxing is a good metaphor,” she said. “Joyce Carol Oates said it better than me, that you know you are going to get blows, but you need to stand up for your beliefs.”

Lamy said she was sporting Rick Owens at the show, but that’s not always the case. “I’m not completely monogamous,” she said.

In town to showcase her Urban Zen collection to buyers, fellow designer Donna Karan wouldn’t be doing much physical punching, sporting a broken hand. “I wear Rick,” she said, adding she is a faithful guest at Owens’ show. “I’ve always dreamed of him doing Donna Karan. So I wouldn’t have to work anymore,” she smiled.

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