The YNAP headquarters in Milan.

OPEN DOORS: “Federico Marchetti is a risk-taker, so are you, and Milan cannot be less than that, it’s a city that must look ahead,” said Mayor Giuseppe “Beppe” Sala, addressing the chief executive officer of Yoox Net-a-porter and the e-tailer’s staff on Wednesday evening. After a private tour of the company’s headquarters and offices in Milan, Sala ticked off a 2030 plan for the city, including investments in infrastructure, such as a subway that will take visitors from Linate airport to the center in 14 minutes in 2022, or the 12 to 13 billion euros earmarked for real estate projects.

Marchetti had shown Sala some of the group’s most recent technological advancements — such as the possibility to identify and acquire clothing and accessories through one’s mobile phone just by aiming it at any person, or YNAP’s full traceability of the sourcing and manufacturing of a purchase. An avatar of the mayor wearing a colorful floral shirt was a source of witty banter between Marchetti and Sala, who were clearly on friendly terms.

Asked about a possible fashion museum in Milan, Sala admitted it would be “difficult to regroup different designers. What we can do is to make the city increasingly more pleasant for fashion projects.” He touted Milan’s growth potential and influence — and how the recent awarding of the 2026 Winter Olympics will be an additional boost. “You cannot not be here. Where does Uniqlo come and open its first store in Italy? In Milan,” said Sala by way of an example.