Ministry of Tomorrow has launched a new vegan lifestyle magazine.

GREENER FIELDS: Keeping true to its eco-minded approach to fashion, Ministry of Tomorrow has launched a vegan lifestyle magazine called MOT Mag.

Looking to empower staffers and enlighten consumers has been the Los Angeles company’s goal from its inception, according to president and founder Julian Prolman. The content-rich read features articles such as a Vivienne Westwood profile, Pharrell Williams’ inspiration for sustainable fashion, and a piece about the digital deterioration of natural feminine beauty. MOT has created a base of 20 freelance writers and there are plans to add guest contributors who are thought leaders and social commentators, Prolman said. “We decided on publishing the magazine now in order to grow our brand in a more engaging way that builds a community and creates meaningful relationships with our target audience, as opposed to relating to them only on a transactional basis.”

Topics are chosen in different categories, based on how well they align with MOT’s brand values — sustainability, compassion and higher consciousness. Started in 2011, the company’s flagship project is in Nairobi, Kenya just outside of one of Africa’s largest slums, Kibera, where a facility has been built to sponsor professional artisan tailors. They create MOT’s bags for women and men in a safe and clean setting while attaining a reliable livelihood.

Vegans will find such stories like one about the federal seed vault in Colorado, the natural nutrition guru Dr. Sebi and the health benefits of cannabis in daily meals. Prolman said, “Part of our vision is to help raise consciousness around topics that don’t generally get that much attention in the mainstream media, so as a policy we try to stay away from what’s trending in the tabloids and focus on uncovering what is hidden under the rug or putting the spotlight on the unsung heroes who are making a difference in the world today.”

To help spread the word about MOT Mag, the plan is to leverage different social media channels and partner with different influencers and advocacy groups that champion some of the causes which MOT believes in, Prolman said.

Solely e-commerce for now, Prolman said the aim is “to focus on growing our audience and community to a significant size first and then we plan on transitioning to an actual brick-and-mortar storefront.” The first location will open later this year and will be based in L.A. Then we plan on opening another one in New York in the near future. MOT has also partnered with select boutiques in the Los Angeles for weekend pop-up concept stores, which will also themed promotional events.

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