Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff has invited about 350 consumers to its #RunwaytoRetail fashion show Saturday, but for those unable to snag an invitation, the company will use innovative technology to make them feel as if they are actually there.

Minkoff plans to live-stream the show in 360 Virtual Reality in a partnership with Ripple. The show will take place on the street outside the company’s boutique at 96 Greene Street on Saturday at noon featuring fall 2016 merchandise.

Whether they have their goggles, glasses, or use a Facebook experience or their laptops, consumers can manipulate the imagery and can choose what they’re going to look at and where they’re going to look, said Uri Minkoff, chief executive officer of Minkoff. “They can wander anywhere on the street. It’s a unique immersion experience,” he said.

In addition, the company is partnering with a start-up company, Zeekit, an app which allows the consumer to take a picture of herself and see how an item looks on her body in the right size and shape. After uploading a full-body picture of themselves, a shopper taps a product they see on the runway to see how it looks and fits on their actual body.

“Consumers who aren’t there can see the runway looks and take those items and create screen shots of themselves as a remote experience to see what it looks like on them. They can go ahead and instantly purchase,” said Minkoff.

For the first time, the NASDAQ in Times Square will offer a live-stream Virtual Reality experience of the show, and simultaneously, NASDAQ’s Facebook page will also live-stream the show from the same front row perspective.

Minkoff was the first company to test the #seebuywear concept last season and had much success with it. In March, Minkoff told WWD, “To get a triple-digit increase in our own consumer retail channel and our top five partners is pretty phenomenal.”

Ninety percent of what will be shown on Saturday’s runway will be available at Minkoff’s store immediately. The rest will be available in 30-60 days. Rebecca Minkoff will make a personal appearance at the SoHo store immediately following the fashion show.