Minnie Mouse in Olympia Le Tan at Gray Malin Rock the Dots

To fete the forthcoming “Minnie Mouse Loves Dots” collection, available this spring at Uniqlo, and National Polka Dot Day on Jan. 22, Disney’s famous mouse linked with two more notable names, designer Olympia Le-Tan and photographer Gray Malin. Malin created the still-life series that debuted at Tuesday night’s party, aptly titled “Rock the Dots.” For her special appearance, Minnie wore an ensemble designed by Le-Tan.

Olympia Le Tan Minnie Mouse Gray Malin Rock the Dots

Olympia Le-Tan and Minnie Mouse wearing Olympia Le-Tan at the Gray Malin “Rock the Dots.”  (Credit too long, see caption)

Shimmering in sequins, the dress was topped with 53 custom appliquéd polka dots and custom dyed in vivid Bleu de France to capture the epitome of Olympia Le-Tan designs. Even her petticoat and bloomers were embroidered with white tone-on-tone dots. Other details included patent leather trim, faceted crystal buttons and gloves and a 3-D-printed belt buckle.

“Designing a dress for my favorite childhood icon was quite an exciting thing to do,” Le-Tan said. “I tried to stay true to what Minnie usually wears but adding my personal touch. The sequins make the dress rather festive which is great as we are celebrating this new collaboration.”

Gray Malin Minnie Mouse

Gray Malin’s “The Leading Lady” artwork. 

Malin captured classic Hollywood through one of his signature aerial landscapes, which shows a foreground created by white parasols dotting on the red carpet. The hero image, titled “The Leading Lady,” evokes Minnie’s classic polka dot print.

“When Disney and I first discussed creating a collaboration in celebration of forthcoming National Polka Dot Day, I wasn’t sure what direction to go in,” Malin said. “I realized that the red color of the fabric was a similar shade to an event carpet. From there, I began imagining the scenery of a red carpet from the aerial perspective with various white dots creating the same pattern as her dress. Because parasols are both glamorous and a favored accessory of Minnie, they were the perfect prop. It was really fun to reexamine the red carpet and Minnie Mouse through a different lens and perspective. From above, anyone can be a star on the red carpet.”

In addition to the still-life image series, Malin will be launching his first piece of video art inspired by Minnie’s parasols and unveiling new beach aerials from the Hawaiian Islands and Australia in the upcoming months. On the commercial side, he’ll soon unveil a home tray collection to go alongside his 2016 coffee table book.