AW SHUCKS: With this month’s release of her sixth book, “Meet Paris Oyster: Love Affair With the Perfect Food,” some might opine that bestselling author Mireille Guiliano’s own life is an oyster. Effervescent as ever, the “French Women Don’t Get Fat” creator had arranged for plenty of oysters to be served during her book party Thursday night at Millésime. In truth, Guiliano has been coming to Master Chef’s Laurent Manrique’s East 29th Street brasserie for oysters since it opened five years ago — long before New Yorkers started to Vin Sur Vingt, The Clam, oyster bars started cropping up downtown.

Wearing a dress by French designer Béatrice Ferrant, who has a little boutique near Guiliano’s apartment in Paris as well as a hearty following in Asia, Guiliano accented her ensemble with black lace she bought at Marché Saint-Pierre and sewed herself. That “Mireille touch” earned a seal of approval from such guests as FIT’s dean of Graduate Studies Mary Davis.

Another friend, chef Carmen Gonzalez, spoke of another culinary trend. With 28 million viewers tuning into her show in Latin America, she said she can’t get over how reality TV shows continue to magnify the public’s interest. “All of these reality TV shows are taking industries like fashion and food, which historically have only been for a few, and it has made it for everyone.” she said. “Think about it. Do you think people in Idaho or Ohio would know as much as they do about fashion now, if it wasn’t for Project Runway?”

Having spent many years at LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton as Veuve Clicquot’s president and chief executive officer before her French-Women-Don’t… became a brand in itself, Guiliano had plenty of bubbly for such guests as Tim Zagat and Olivier Giugni. And when a waitress saw two flutes take a tumble, Guiliano was unruffled as ever, telling the servers “Don’t worry — the Champagne doesn’t stain.”

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