WHAT’S IN A NAME: “Misfit Dior” is having a bit of an identity crisis. The Londoner-turned-New-Yorker is looking to change her name to Laeticia DeValer in time for the release of her new album later this summer. Eminem’s friend Proof gave her the nickname 10 years ago. “In the U.K., if you think someone is cute you call them ‘fit.’ Since I am white-girl rapper, I’m kind of a misfit.” she said at Tuesday’s Up2Us event. “And Dior is my favorite label so it kind of stuck.”

Wearing a watch and glasses from Christian Dior and a pale pink dress of her own design, the musician said she will be changing her tune from rap to “trip-hop alternative.” The fashion-loving blonde’s next release will be dubbed “The Tone of Pink Shall Prevail” her riff on a Christian Dior quote.

Her own name change won’t be on account of LVMH brass or the powers that be at Christian Dior. “I have a lot of friends at Dior,” she said. “I have been talking to people at Calvin Klein about a few projects. They are funnier about it.”

The singer said she will perform at the CK One lounge during this summer’s Lollapalooza stop in Los Angeles. She will also be cozying up to fashion retailers in the months ahead, adding that Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman will be the first to see her debut collection. Given that, she has zero reservations about taking on a new moniker. “My music is changing and my style has changed. I feel like my name sounds dated. It doesn’t fit any more.”

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