MISSONI ON VIEW: Missoni on Saturday will mark the opening of an exhibition at the MA*GA museum in Gallarate, the small town 40 minutes away from Milan where Ottavio and Rosita Missoni first established their company. Called “Missoni, L’Arte, Il Colore,” the exhibition, which marks the reopening of the museum damaged by a fire in 2013, highlights the tight relationship between Missoni’s aesthetic and the art world. “This exhibition guides visitors through a path to deeply understand the story of a style and a brand,” said Missoni Home creative director Rosita Missoni.

The exhibit opens with a video installation realized in 2009 by Turkish artist Ali Kazma, who collected behind-the-scene moments to show the combination of contemporary design and artisanal approach characterizing the Missoni brand. Paintings by international artists who deeply influenced the Missoni aesthetic, including Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Sonia Delaunay, are on display, as well as installations realized by Luca Missoni and Angelo Jelmini and more than 100 fashion pieces from Missoni’s archives.

“Missoni, L’Arte, Il Colore” pays homage to the late Ottavio Missoni, showing some of his paintings displayed together with art works by Italian abstract artists of the post-World War II period, along with the knitted patchwork tapestries he realized during his life. “This is not a classic retrospective – I hope we will have one soon because I think that it makes sense to organize one for a brand which has been in the fashion industry for 63 years,” said Missoni creative director Angela Missoni. “This exhibition shows the link between art and our fashion. Those who work in fashion are always filters for the time they’re living and it’s curious that in the last 20 years many young artists have been inspired by our work, so there is always an exchange of influences and inspirations”

The exhibition will be open until Nov. 8.

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