MISSONI SEARCH CONTINUES: The search for the twin-engine plane carrying Vittorio Missoni that went missing Jan. 4 will go on, although a spokesman at the interior ministry in Venezuela said authorities have not found anything yet. On Saturday, a report from Caracas on Italy’s wire service Ansa claimed a blip on a Venezuelan Army radar “can identify the location” where the twin-engine plane “may have suddenly lost altitude” en route from the Los Roques archipelago to Caracas. Ansa attributed the assertion to the Italian embassy in Caracas. “It is an area where the ocean floor reaches a depth of 2,000 meters, considered too many for the instrumentations momentarily available,” the Italian embassy is reported to have said. “The Venezuelan and Italian authorities are coming to an agreement to continue the search beyond the expected eight days, focusing resources on a defined area and through means that may be more useful.”

The country’s minister for justice and home affairs, Néstor Reverol, spoke on national television Sunday morning confirming that an Italian search team had joined the Venezuelan one in ongoing efforts to find the plane.

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Missoni’s sister, Angela, creative director of the Missoni brand, said Saturday that the search for her brother, his life partner, their two friends and two pilots will “continue in all possible directions until we have found them. We don’t want to leave anything untried and we know we can count on the continuous support of the Italian and Venezuelan authorities, whose constant involvement is infinitely appreciated.”