Miu Miu campaign image shot by Gigi Hadid

ALL TOGETHER NOW: Miu Miu has opted to show a video of its spring 2021 collection on Oct. 6, which will not be staged before a physical audience, due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Italian company has invited groups of women to gather together to view the show and be simultaneously connected. “Communities of women have always been integral to the spirit and identity of Miu Miu: their nurturing and support of one another, their pursuit of shared values and goals. This season, those communities of women are also intrinsic to the show itself,” stated the company. “The spectators are integrated into the show: interrupting the stadium’s white rubber walls, three digital lounges of screens will display the observer to the observed, livestreamed from local events in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai and Milan.”

The show decor, realized by Rem Koolhaas’ studio AMO — a longtime Prada Group collaborator — is an elliptical stadium, referencing the worlds of sports.

“A series of tech activations around the show link the spheres of the virtual world with real-life — in collaboration with Instagram, Miu Miu launches an augmented-reality filter that transforms any view into a virtual expression of the show space. In its fusing of reality and virtual fantasy, it is a reflection of contemporary life,” concluded the company.

The initiative is in line with Miu Miu’s efforts to connect women. For years, the company has screened around the world its series of Women’s Tales, a collection of short films by international female directors, followed by conversations and panels related to the films and the role of women in cinema, for example.

Miu Miu has been showing its collections in Paris for years.


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