Miuccia Prada, Prada Men's Fall 2020 show, Milan Fashion Week

PRADA THOUGHTS: Miuccia Prada clearly isn’t stuck in her own ivory tower. “There are so many discussions taking place now about the return of classic versus streetwear, redefining masculinity and probably femininity, sustainability, if the world will be better or worse,” the designer said candidly ahead of her show. “We seem on the brink of terrifying crises, but then suddenly everything quiets down and wars in the end don’t break out. There are those that say that the world is going in a terrible direction, but also those that say that compared to 100 years ago there’s been a gigantic reduction of poverty. There are results are not good yet, but there’s been a progression of curing poverty and children’s health, which is much more positive than 50 or 30 years ago. In all this, here we are [referring to her job to put together a collection].”

Prada was not afraid to say that there is so much talk about targeting the younger generations “when you need to sell them something.” She said she felt a personal responsibility, as does the company, “to give indications, to give value to work, to things, to studying — which now seems like a bad word,” she added chuckling, “so that young people learn, and find their own path.”

The designer also approached the subject of sustainability on an upbeat note, saying she believes there has been “an enormous change, as we question how everything is done. Before, it was theory, now it’s happening.”

Prada said the men’s fall 2020 collection has “almost zero impact,” and that “more than 90 percent” of the fabrics are sustainable. “[Sustainability] is no longer an intention, fabric producers are ready and prepared, it’s now customary.” She admitted “it’s still more expensive, but as we go along, it will cost less,” underscoring the importance of “all taking a step” toward change.

Once again, she also cautioned against cutting consumerism. “People urge to buy less, but that will mean diminished production and that will lead to unemployment. We must be careful with what we say. We’ll see…”

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