SALMON RUNNING ONLINE: Images of Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) wearing her salmon-colored Mizuno sneakers during her 11-hour marathon filibuster have been splashed all over the media. But the sneaker company isn’t trying to cash in on all the recent publicity.

The brand’s daily Web site traffic nearly doubled Thursday compared with the same day last week, according to Mizuno USA pr manager Harper Cornell. Most visitors were in search of the Wave Rider 16, the kicks that Davis wore while trying to block a bill that would eliminate most of the state’s abortion clinics. The Wave Rider 16 product page was the number-one page viewed, but she declined to share specific figures beyond that.

As for whether Davis will get a free pair of her favorite sneakers from Mizuno, Cornell said, “Mizuno is a sporting goods company with a deep passion for running. We do appreciate Ms. Davis’ choice in athletic footwear; however, do not maintain a corporate position related to the topic in discussion.”

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