Georgia Fowler

With 960,000 Instagram followers, 27-year-old model Georgia Fowler is on the verge of hitting the milestone million.

“Yes! Come on,” she said at 1 Hotel in Los Angeles, where she was promoting Azzaro’s Wanted Girl fragrance on Thursday night. She’s the face of the perfume and ambassador for the brand, which is reportedly in talks to be bought by L’Oréal from Groupe Clarins. “Follow me!”

Growing up between New Zealand and Australia, she started modeling locally at age 12. Then, at 16, she was signed to IMG Models and left home for New York City. She was able to easily adjust, she said, since much of her childhood was spent traveling with her family.

“My dad was working overseas, because he’s a professional golfer,” she shared. “So, he was on tour, and we were in a different city every week growing up.”

Today, she’s one of Victoria’s Secret’s most recognizable faces, walking the show –– now canceled –– for three years.

“It was disappointing,” she said of the fashion show’s cancelation. The model is also host of “Project Runway New Zealand.” “We had so much fun doing the show. So, we’ll see what happens.”

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Victoria’s Secret has been under scrutiny this week after news broke that Les Wexner, chief executive officer and founder of parent company L Brands, has maintained a close personal relationship with financier Jeffrey Epstein, recently arrested for allegedly sex trafficking minors and found dead from an apparent suicide in federal jail on Saturday. Model Maria Farmer alleged that Epstein sexually assaulted her, while acting as a recruiter for the brand’s catalogue. As a result, the Model Alliance, which promotes fair treatment in the fashion industry, wrote a petition asking the lingerie brand to protect its models from sexual harassment.

When asked what advice she has for young girls entering the modeling field, Fowler shared: “You have to be comfortable, be confident. It is your own body, your own right, your own choice. You can always say no.”

These days, she’s between New York City and L.A., where she’s been spending time furnishing a new residence and promoting Azzaro’s Wanted Girl fragrance, $70, out now.

Wanted Girl

Azzaro’s Wanted Girl fragrance.  Courtesy

What’s the first thing you do when you land in L.A.?

I love L.A.. The weather is perfect. You’ve got a little bit more space. And I love getting out into nature, so I always try and get out to Malibu…And I love doing a hike at Runyon [Canyon Park].

What’s a go-to spot for you here?

Erewhon [Market] is a food heaven. It’s quite a special place. But besides that, I’m just kind of learning the ropes. There’s quite a few, little, cute restaurants. But I’m pretty fresh here, so I’m open to suggestions.

Looking back, what was your biggest break in the industry?

I think my first break into high fashion would be French Vogue with Inez & Vinoodh. That was a very special moment, because I was still quite fresh. But I had been working for six years or so. It was very exciting. And then doing some catwalks like Balmain and Miu Miu, and having a fragrance campaign has also been a goal for me as a model.

What made you say yes to Azzaro and being the face of Wanted Girl?

I mean, it’s a very big brand. The whole story behind it all seemed to fit perfectly with who I am, fun and quirky but a little bit sexy. You know, just playful. So, it was a perfect fit. My agency in Paris sent it through. I had so much fun filming it. We went to the South of France, and it was a great time.

Is there a memory from the shoot that stands out?

It was idyllic. The hotel we shot at was absolutely amazing. It was a really big production. I got to shoot it with a male model [Nikolai Danielsen]. It was all a little bit “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” We were both very competitive too, so it was a good match.

So, who is the “wanted” girl?

The wanted girl, she’s strong and confident. She’s sexy, but she’s still playful. You know, endearing.

What do you look for in a summer scent?

In the summer, you can use a scent that’s a little fresher. I love this fragrance, because it starts quite fresh and floral, and it can settle into your skin quite nicely. It doesn’t smell so much like a perfume after a while. It kind of just becomes your scent.

You’re known for being open about your fitness routine, and how much work it takes to get fit. What advice would you give to those looking for motivation?

It becomes a habit after a while. And it’s also part of my job, so I have to do it. I have to tone up and look the part, but it’s definitely not easy sometimes. I have to go from flight to flight, work to work. They’re long days, and sometimes you’re like, ‘When can I fit it in?’ For instance, last night, my flight was delayed four hours, and I was like, ‘Wow, OK great, I’ve got some shoes in my suitcase, so I’ll just go straight to the gym and do a workout and go to the airport from there. You just have to take all those little instances. This morning, I thought I was going to be late. I had an appointment before this, and I was like, ‘Oh gosh, I’m not going to make it.’ Instead, I was just like, ‘Oh, I have to run instead of walk the hike [at Runyon Canyon] today, so I ran it. I think you just have to make time. It always feels better after you do it. Just make it happen.

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What about your beauty routine? Does it change in the summer?

In the summer, most importantly, is sunblock. I know we’re meant to wear it every day, but when it’s this hot outside, and you’re enjoying the outdoors, you definitely need it more. Clarins has some very good sunblock. It’s super important, even if you use a tinted moisturizer with sunblock in it, and you can layer it on top. I think for people that get a little bit sweaty, use a lighter moisturizer. If you’re using a thicker moisturizer, just do that at night and not in the morning, so you don’t just drip all day. But, you know, AC can be very drying. Nourish from within. Lots of water, good fats.

Are you planning anything special for when you hit a million followers on Instagram?

I haven’t really thought about that. It is a crazy amount of people, when you think you can fit 100,000 people into a stadium, and that’s a massive amount of people. And, you know, New Zealand only has 4 million people in the whole country. So, it is a lot. But we are in this age where there are so many people with a lot of followers, too. I’ll just keep working and doing my best.

Does it make you think twice about what you post?

I always approach it the same way. I have always had to be mindful of who is your follower and what image you want to portray, while still being true to you. It’s all a balancing act. I enjoy it, because you can show more personality. But yes, you have to be mindful.

What is it like to have that level of influence?

I guess I try not to think about it too much. I think the minute you start to think about influence on people, you probably go a little loopy.

Are there people in your industry that you idolize?

I really idolize models that create businesses out of their careers like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love her style, but I also love that she’s gone and done other lines with other companies and now has her beauty blog. She’s amazing.

What do you love about modeling? What keeps you going?

I love that every day can be a different thing. I can be anywhere in the world. You meet and work with incredible, inspirational people all the time. And that’s pretty special.

Do you have a highlight this year?

All the years blur into one these days. But yes, shooting the campaign for Azzaro.

What are you looking forward to most coming up?

Just to keep on trotting on and keep on working and see what happens.

Any upcoming news you can share?

All of our jobs are very last minute. I wish I knew myself, but time will tell.

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