Kim Alexis

THEY’RE EVERYWHERE: With three sons now up-and-out, Alexis has returned to New York to reignite her career with Trump Models.

Wearing a gray Valentino jacket, jeans and Steve Madden boots, Alexis, who landed more than 500 magazine covers, critiqued the state of modeling at Wednesday night’s Sak Fifth Avenue party for FGI Rising Star nominees. After living in New Jersey and then Florida, Alexis retreated to Colorado following her divorce. “I went to Boulder to just kind of leave everything, heal and now I’m back.” she said. “I didn’t work at all. I was writing, blogging and not doing much of anything — just trying to figure out what I wanted to do and take a break. I took a break for years.”

Hiking, skiing and other sports kept her outdoors a good deal in Boulder. Having made a bid for a seat with ABC’s “The View,” she is also shopping around a talk show and had a L’Oréal casting Thursday. Next week she will be D.C.-bound to attend one of the inaugural balls with her Homeland Security-employed beau. Her friend Kelly Emberg, another former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model, will be in the crowd. While Alexis is impressed with the musical talent of Emberg’s daughter Ruby with Rod Stewart, Ruby, she was less enthusiastic about the skills of leading models. “I don’t feel these young girls can be supermodels as easily, because the actresses have taken the covers and the makeup, the skin care and all the different ads. So you don’t really see the models in anything other than the editorial,” Alexis said. “It seems that social media has taken away the skill and it’s more the following, and how many people you can get to follow you. Now people are cheating and they’re buying followers. It’s silly.”

Alexis was hard-pressed to name any models that she likes. “I don’t know their names. Do you?” she asked. “I don’t like Kendall [Jenner] and Gigi [Hadid.] I’m overwhelmed by them. They’re just everywhere. I want to see someone who didn’t have fame before. And it’s more for her beauty versus both — one who earns it.”

Having been passed up for some jobs that went to younger models with strong social media followings, Alexis said, “People my age — 56 — aren’t as savvy about following but that’s my crowd. I’m not getting a job because of something that’s not even in my target age group. These clients need to realize why they’re not hitting as much of a target audience because more of the followers are younger. At some point this has to even out because there are people with skill who don’t have followers and there are people who have a ton of followers who don’ have skill.”

A former high school swimmer who planned to study pharmacology at the University of Rhode Island before Elite Models’ John Casablancas flew to Buffalo and signed her on the spot in 1978, Alexis said, “I know Calvin, Ralph, Donna Karan, Michael Kors — I grew up with them,” but she is not about to “knock on their doors and ask, ‘What are you doing? Who are you hiring?’”

At 22, her youngest son, Noah Duguay, is mulling over signing with a modeling agency and joining his mother in New York. “He’s got really long hair. He’s beautiful,” Alexis said.

Looking back at her career, she said she would have tried to stay a little more current. “My youngest son has nine varsity letters, so I was traveling with him all over. As a mother, I did the right thing. But I missed out on staying current with some of my business. I just walked away from it all.”