GREAT DANES: Monocle toasted Copenhagen on Tuesday night in Paris as the Danish capital recently topped the London-based magazine’s annual Quality of Life Survey.


The cocktail event was co-hosted by the Danish ambassador in Paris, Klavs A. Holm, and Monocle founder Tyler Brûlé.


“The Danes are the happiest people on the planet,” highlighted Holm, referring to the regular rankings naming Denmark as the world’s happiest country.


Meanwhile, Brûlé shared his secret for happiness: “Being independent. Every mistake is our mistake; every success is our success. It is very liberating.”


Early this month, Monocle has signed a deal with Nikkei Inc. under which the Japanese media corporation will become a minority shareholder in Monocle.


Monocle is to open a bureau in Istanbul next month. A shop in Japan and project in South East Asia incorporating a shop are also in the pipeline.


“Think of a maison,” Brûlé explained. “The retail pays for the bureau so that journalists can have a desk and work in a good environment. It allows us to have staff around the world. It is a new business model.”


Monocle counts around 80,000 subscribers and is also sold in newsstands. It incorporates print media, a radio station and online films, shops, e-commerce and books.

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