MOSS MAKES MUSIC: Kate Moss has added “writer” to her job description. Already a contributing editor at British Vogue, Moss has written her first music review for Moss composed a 716-word review on George Michael’s latest album “Symphonica,” discussing his tracks in vivid detail. “‘You’ve Changed’ feels fragile and honest; it almost makes me cry,” writes Moss. “For me, it’s the vulnerability, openness and richness of his voice that does it. The depth of where that comes from touches you in a place that you can’t even begin to understand and all of a sudden it’s not just a song anymore; it becomes an emotion and it takes you into another dimension.”

A longtime fan and friend of Michael’s, Moss writes that she tried to get tickets to see Wham when she was 12. “I tried to get tickets for ‘Wham The Final,’ their last gig,” she writes. “I was on the phone for hours and hours, but I still didn’t get one. I was so upset that I just cried. So when I was dancing with George to ‘Everything She Wants,’ with him doing all his moves, it made up for all those years of disappointment.”

This story first appeared in the March 18, 2014 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.