On Thursday a jury in the U.S. District Court in Miami awarded Mr. Chow $1 million in damages after it ruled that Stratis Morfogen, the corporation that owns Philippe Chow Restaurants, was guilty of false advertising and unfair competition by deceptive conduct. The evidence included paid online “sponsor links” that falsely showed Mr. Chow’s New York restaurant as located at the actual address of the Philippe Chow Restaurant, as well as stating falsely that restaurateur Philippe Chau, who never held the positions of head chef, executive chef, first wok or even second wok at Mr. Chow restaurants, had been instead, “the architect of Mr. Chow’s menu” when in fact Chau never created a single dish at Mr. Chow. Chau’s legal name was Chak Yam Chau until after the first Philippe Chow Restaurant opened, after which time he legally changed his name to Philippe Chow Chau. “I am extremely pleased with the verdict and thankful that the truth is finally emerging concerning the false advertising and unfair business tactics of Morfogen and the Philippe Chow Restaurants.”

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