Mrs. Dow Jones MDJ Stimulus

Haley Sacks, aka Mrs. Dow Jones, is helping Millennials and Gen Z get money smart.

The financial influencer, who counts 142,000 Instagram followers, is rolling out an education package, MDJ Stimulus, the aim of which is to teach her audience about money and career during the coronavirus pandemic. The eight-week program, available on Sacks’ social media, will focus on one theme a week — jobs, success, personal finance and taxes, to name a few. Featured speakers will include Chris Voss and Daymond John.

“As Mrs. Dow Jones, my one mission is to get Millennials and Gen Zers the financial and career information that they need to thrive,” Sacks said. “We’ve all been pretty blessed that financially, we’ve been in a bull market. Now, as we enter a bear market, for many of us, it’s the first one where we have been working and have money in the market. I thought, like face masks or Purell, clear, actionable advice is now a necessity. You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control how you react.”

Prior to launching Mrs. Dow Jones in 2017, Sacks worked in digital media for Above Average, Lorne Michaels’ production company. She is a self-taught financial expert, having learned primarily through reading.

“The Google search bar has been my university,” Sacks said.

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