FAR AND AWAY: A last-minute glitch meant that the Mulberry show venue had to be moved to a former printing factory in the E16 postcode. This, for those unfamiliar with the geography of London, was formerly an industrial area, and was probably the most remote venue choice in recent memory and generally agreed to have been an act of cruelty to the show-goers.

Of course it ran late, but the brand’s VIP guests had managed to make it in time, even if some of the out-of-towners got to see a lot more of London than most do (or would want to).

It didn’t dim the excitement for South Korean model and street-style star Irene Kim and Chinese fashion blogger Han Huo Huo, both in town for the Mulberry show. “I love London much more than Paris, because I think London is more clean and really easy for shopping,” Han told WWD. “And I like the food much better. It’s much better than Paris; There’s a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that is amazing and I always go to.”

Kim was also excited about London’s gastronomical offerings. “I really wanted to go to Duck and Waffle because I love their Happy Fried Duck with the waffles and the syrup,” she said. “But they were so busy so I ended up going to Hakkasan, which was still great.”

“I love trying out food when I’m in a new city,” she added, calling herself a “proper foodie,” an interest that comes in handy in her role as a presenter on a Korean program about food. “It’s about travel and lifestyle and just for women in their 20s to mid-30s who want to go on vacation but don’t really know what to do or where to go.” Next on her filming itinerary are Singapore, Japan, Dubai and Australia.

Algerian-French dancer, actress and musician Sofia Boutella, who hit the big time as the frighteningly lethal right-hand-woman to Samuel L. Jackson’s homicidal megalomaniac in “Kingsman,” was sandwiched between Lady Mary Charteris and Anais Gallagher.

Boutella said that she’d recently been filming “The Coldest City”, playing a spy alongside costar Charlize Theron. “It’s set in Berlin in the Eighties and I play a French spy,” she said. “It’s Berlin in that whole Eighties scene but it’s funny because we shot in Budapest and Budapest is really looking more like the Eighties than Berlin does now. It’s really fascinating to observe, like it’s stopped in time.”