Mulberry Reflections

EYECONS: Mulberry is feting the global launch of its collection of sunglasses with an immersive installation that runs until Feb. 17, next to its flagship on Regent Street. Dubbed #MulberryReflections, the concrete space is meant to provide a cool respite for fashion showgoers and Regent Street shoppers.

“It’s amazing to have this space, because not only does this area have amazing tourist footfall but we can give people an opportunity to be introduced to the brand, explain our universe without feeling like they’re being sold to,” said Charlotte O’Sullivan, brand director of Mulberry.

Visitors enter the space through a blue transparent plastic curtain where a 360-degree screen projecting the eyewear campaign video greets them and mirrored walls frame the screen.

“I like the idea that you have to go around the mirrors while the girls are dancing in the campaign, it creates a playful moment and I just want to keep it relaxed, positive and fresh,” said Johnny Coca, creative director of Mulberry.

Mulberry Reflections

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While the space celebrates the brand’s sunglass range, there’s not a product in sight. Instead, a screen is placed on a pillar near the back, where customers can pick and choose their desired style and color and virtually try them on.

“We thought this was the best way of integrating the product in naturally. We wanted people to feel comfortable in here and to try on as many iterations of our new eyewear range without feeling like the pressures of shopping in a store,” O’Sullivan said.

The collection includes eight styles, all inspired by famous Britons such as John Lennon, and by styles from the Fifties and the Sixties which, according to Coca, were the best periods of time for women. Pieces range from 190 pounds to 220 pounds.

“Sunglass styles from that era were so iconic, when you see circular frames you think of John Lennon, for example. I also wanted to re-create that moment of ‘wonderment,’ of finding your grandmother’s vintage things,” Coca said.

Last year, the brand signed a license with De Rigo Vision to develop and distribute its eyewear collection. Coca said the  partnership will allow the brand to broaden its eyewear offering going forward.

“For the first collection, we wanted to focus on sharp, clean, well-designed and well-proportioned pieces. It’s important to have consistency because when you change so much you can get lost, so it’s important to establish your iconic pieces and then evolve from there,” Coca added.

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