Nyjah Huston Mvmt Watch

Mvmt is spreading its design wings. The Millennial-founded watch brand will introduce collaborations with digital artist Jeff Cole as well as top competitive skateboarder Nyjah Huston. They represent the brand’s first partnerships with an artist and professional athlete.

Both figures have put their own spin on Mvmt’s designs. Cole — whose graphic work has earned him more than 500,000 Instagram followers — sprung for a black and chrome motif with minimal face details. The style will launch on Sept. 4, priced at $180.

Huston — who is expected to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo — incorporated some of his own tattoo designs into his Mvmt watch. The style is tentatively scheduled to launch on Oct. 15 and has not yet been priced.

“This is an opportunity to give [Cole and Huston] a chance to express themselves, it’s Mvmt but with their twist. I think with Cole, specifically, having that digital expertise made him even more hands-on. He took the reins and was very opinionated in every piece of the process,” said Mvmt cofounder Jake Kassan.

Kassan said Mvmt — purchased by the Movado Group in October 2018 in a deal that afforded the brand many more resources — has not yet signed on to sponsor Huston at the Olympics.

Jeff Cole MVMT Watch

Jeff Cole’s design for Mvmt.  Courtesy

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