"Runaway Baby" film series

RUNAWAY BABY: Chloé’s signature bohemian aesthetic takes center stage in Mytheresa.com’s latest brand partnership, an exclusive capsule collection that launches tomorrow, and an accompanying film series by the up-and-coming filmmaker Lola Bessis.

The film, called “Runaway Baby,” stars Klara Kristin and India Menuez. They are transformed into quintessential Chloé women, complete with oversize eyewear, printed tunics, flared pants and billowing blouses from the new capsule.

Prices for the capsule range from 525 pounds to 1,825 pounds.

Shot at a remote location in the evening, the series consists of three one-minute films which follow Chloe, a young writer, as she looks for a solitary place to work on her writing. Instead, she finds herself in a cozy cottage that belongs to a young painter — who is as free-spirited and well-dressed as herself — and the two indulge in writing, drawing and joyfully dancing to “Runaway Baby.”

runaway baby mytheresa chloe

A still from the “Runaway Baby” film series celebrating the new Mytheresa x Chloé capsule.  Courtesy Photo

“A short film can be a challenge, you have so little time to create an entire world, and Lola had such a distinct vision and a treasure chest of references,” said Menuez.

Michael Kliger, chief executive officer at Mytheresa.com, said that he sees film as a way “to convey they emotions associated with a collection.”

The company has seen great response from creative film projects commissioned so far, in partnership with the likes of Balenciaga, Miu Miu and Valentino, with the Valentino music video created by the retailer last July, boasting more than a million views on YouTube.

“Videos and short film are totally in tune with the smartphone usage of our customers. Most moving content is nowadays seen on the smartphone and what is also great is that we see a big interest from a younger audience,” said Kliger.

runaway baby mytheresa chloe

A still from the “Runaway Baby” film series celebrating the new Mytheresa x Chloé capsule.  Courtesy Photo

The executive added that one-off capsules remain a key part of the business, as they offer “newness and exclusivity,” highlight the retailer’s curatorial approach and can also boost sales of a brand’s existing collections.

As Chloé transitions into its next phase, under Natacha Ramsay-Levi, Mytheresa.com said it will continue to put its money behind the brand: “The Chloé girl will definitely continue to resonate with women around the world. We see the new direction as an evolution, not a revolution. There is less romance and there are more modern street-smart as well as sportswear looks, which fit very well with the attitude of today’s women,” added Kliger.

Klara Kristin, a seasoned model as well as actress, is also a self-proclaimed fan of Chloé’s new direction: “I see Natacha Ramsay-Levi as today’s ultimate Chloé girl. I really loved how you could see many different beautiful, authentic and confident girls and women on her very first catwalk show. Brands are now casting women that have something unique about them, rather than [girls who] look like 17-year-old-boys, as Natacha said herself. “

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