HITTING THE NAIL: Will actresses start commanding big bucks to wear specific nail polishes on the red carpet? That question popped up after manicures became a major topic at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday when E! Entertainment Television introduced a manicure camera or mani-cam that spotlighted Kat Dennings’ OPI-covered talons and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ dark nails courtesy of Essie. The business implications of such attention are tremendous for nail polish marketers. After Kelly Osbourne, on duty for E!’s fashion coverage, mentioned she was sporting an Azature nail lacquer with black diamonds to the Emmys, Azature founder Azature Pogosian said interest in the product has been overwhelming.

“I haven’t slept since Sunday. I’ve personally been flooded with inquiries on the $250,000 nail polish that Kelly wore to the Emmys, and the $25 Azature black diamond infused nail polish has sold out at Ron Robinson and Fred Segal,” he said.

In October, the $250,000 bottle — Pogosian made just one and has no plans to make another — will be on display at Selfridges, where the $25 version will be available to buy. It’s not only Pogosian who is benefitting from the red carpet exposure.

Although a spokeswoman for OPI said it’s difficult to track how many bottles the company sold as a result of the mani-cam, she suggested it will make people conscious of the nail colors chosen by their favorite celebrities and encourage purchases of those colors.

The sizzling nail art trend and, more specifically, the tuxedo nails Zooey Deschanel wore to the Golden Globes earlier this year, inspired E! to start the mani-cam. Actresses better have their manicurists on speed dial because the red carpet reportage on nails appears only to be growing. Damla Dogan, senior vice president of development at E!, said E! would continue its nails coverage at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes next year. “The mani-cam is here to stay,” she declared.

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