Jim Gold and Santiago Barberi Gonzalez

“I’m just dumbfounded by the reaction — it’s cuckoo,” exclaimed Nancy Gonzalez president and creative director Santiago Barberi Gonzalez at the launch of the brand’s first shoe collection at Bergdorf Goodman.

The Fifth Avenue retailer kicked off sales of the shoe designs in the United States — with styles occupying the center roundtable of its women’s footwear department amid a full holiday-season flux. Carlos Mota was enlisted to devise a floral setup to draw further attention to Gonzalez’s brightly colored croc-skin assortment.

The exotics collection is also soon expected at Boon the Shop in Seoul, Colette in Paris and Harrods in London.

“Bergdorf’s sold 48 pairs today before the event,” said Barberi Gonzalez. “I’m waiting for a reorder tonight. I never expected this. It’s the first time Bergdorf’s has carried stock of a crocodile brand of shoes. We expected the demographic to be old and, look, everyone is young. We don’t have metrics, it didn’t make sense to [predict], and now we react. I have a bunch of skins in Italy ready to do reorders.”

As reported by WWD in June, the Nancy Gonzalez brand aims for shoes to account for half its annual sales within the next two years. The label presently sells 79,000 bags a year.

Nancy Gonzalez shoes.

Nancy Gonzalez shoes.  George Chinsee

The inaugural collection clocks has over 250 stockkeeping units and features sandals, stilettos and ballet flats of varying heel heights, silhouettes and colors.

For the launch, Bergdorf’s had Nancy Gonzalez handbags on its shoe floor side-by-side with the brand’s latest category offering — a rare, “special” privilege, according to senior vice president, fashion and store presentation director Linda Fargo.

“Nancy Gonzalez and Bergdorf Goodman go back since the beginning of Nancy Gonzalez; it’s really a part of the Bergdorf Goodman family and I say that with the most sincerity. Both Nancy and Santiago are really a part of the fabric of Bergdorf Goodman,” she said.

Barberi Gonzalez is already at work developing new shoe styles for future seasons — a chunk-heel, platform stiletto style is currently in production, as well as mule and boot styles featuring mink embellishments.