Nannette de Gaspé face and body masks

SILENT TREATMENT: Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien, the Canadian private equity executive-turned-cosmetics entrepreneur has launched a namesake collection of high-tech face and body masks at Selfridges in London.

Youth Revealed Restorative Techstile Masques come in five varieties, targeting eyes, mouth, face, neck and hands. They go on dry and aim to deliver active ingredients that penetrate multiple layers of the skin.

De Gaspé Beaubien said the “disruptive technology” of the masks involves the creation of a reservoir under the skin that continues to slow release ingredients for six to eight hours after it’s been administered.

Users can wash their hands and face without damaging the efficacy and they don’t have to reapply. She said biomimetic technology is behind the delivery system.

De Gaspé Beaubien said while traditional wet masks are made up mostly of water and glycerine, the collection’s includes 87 percent active ingredients and emollients aimed at reducing wrinkles and improving hydration after four applications over four days.

“The concept behind the brand is wearable technology meets luxury cosmetics,” she said. “My vision is to empower women with cosmetic solutions that they can use on their terms.”

The patented Biomimetic MicroVector technology is owned by Biomod Concepts, in which she is an investor, and her original plan was to market the technology to cosmetics companies.

Then she met Selfridges’ buying and merchandising director Sebastian Manes who convinced her to launch a brand. The masks range in price from 60 pounds, or $88, to 85 pounds, or $124, and are exclusive to Selfridges and

Come Christmas she plans to launch a Pump & Lift mask targeting breasts and buttocks. It’s currently in stability testing with the next phase being clinical studies.

There is also a needle-free mesotherapy-like masque in development that uses the dry textile technology to deliver the treatment to the deeper layers of the skin.

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