Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty

There’s a new influencer-based fashion label merging digital savvy with brick-and-mortar expertise.

Natalie Suarez, aka Natalie Off Duty, is the latest social media maven to launch a fashion label at a retailer. Today, the blogger’s debut fashion collection goes live on, followed by in-store releases at 10 locations.

“It’s made for the girl who wants to stand out,” Suarez said of the line. “I’m all about color and boldness, so everything is very unique. It’s for the woman who appreciates her feminine side, who sees the dress as the foundation of her wardrobe. My readers want that high-fashion piece that isn’t going to break the bank, so this is the perfect partnership to do that.”

Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty  Dylana Suarez for Inspr

Suarez has been teasing the line on social media with images shot by her influencer sister, Dylana. The Modern Romantic collection consists of 17 styles and 21 stockkeeping units — all of which are limited edition — in bold hues. Prices range from $49.90 to $129, with sizes from 0 to 18 or XS to XL.

Suarez designed the offerings in partnership with Inspr, a new socially driven and socially responsible fashion label cofounded by Chantel Waterbury and Joanna Williams.

“We wanted to collaborate with up-and-coming creatives who we feel are  modern visionaries — whether curators, influencers — and design highly curated, highly specialized collections that are a reflection of their personal style,” Waterbury said. “It’s like a canvas to showcase someone else’s creative vision, but at the same time, we’re focused on the hottest trends and to deliver them quickly with a focus on quality, detailed craftsmanship.”

Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty  Dylana Suarez for Inspr

Inspr will be a liaison for Macy’s to work with various influencers, according to Lauren Wilner, vice president of business development, fashion, at the retailer. Though Suarez’s is a fashion collaboration, Wilner noted that Macy’s is also open to working with influencers from the beauty realm.

“The relationship with Inspr is new, but we’re looking to create a partnership with them going forward,” Wilner said. “We’re looking to see the way the customers react to [Suarez’s] collaboration and what makes sense in different seasons, different time periods, who to bring in with Inspr. So Inspr will be our partner in working with these different influencers. Some may be in the beauty world, some may be in fashion, but there really is no set time. We know the collaboration is getting a lot of buzz and excitement. We think it will sell out pretty quickly, specifically on and in stores.”

Suarez, who is based in New York but originally from Los Angeles, is designing a second drop that will incorporate “a city element, a little bit more street style.” That collection will launch at Macy’s in October, at which point Inspr will bring in a new collaborator for November. All collections will be limited-edition, which Waterbury said was important to the Inspr model.

“Because everything’s a limited-edition run, it’s important that we’re able to quickly move on to the next collection,” she said. “That’s how we’re able to deliver such high-quality, high-fashion looks at such an affordable price. The idea is we are in and we are out.”

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