FALL MOVES: What started with “we should have lipsticks to go with the colors of the season” has evolved into a full-blown Neapolitan Collection makeup line, said Kelly Golden, owner of Neapolitan Collection, which is located in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka.

Beauty and makeup seemed like a natural move for the boutique. “It’s been another way to engage our clients. They might be shopping and buy a lipstick or get their makeup done. It’s another way to get customers in the store,” said Golden, whose store has been open for 16 years.

The makeup line, now complete with the introduction of brushes this year, will make its debut outside of Chicago at Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm’s first styling event, featuring models wearing looks by Wes Gordon of Carolina Herrera and jewelry by Irene Neuwirth. The event will take place over three days from Oct. 20 to 23.

“It’s a chance for people to get to know the designers and see the latest fashions up close,” Golden noted. “They always do food and wine and an added activity. They’ve never done a fashion event — it’s their first big fashion event.”

The makeup line includes lipstick colors named after the nearby streets surrounding the North Shore boutique, eye shadow, blush, mascara, foundation, brow pencil and skin illuminator. Many of the products are made with organic ingredients and contain sunscreen. Lipsticks have shea butter in them for moisturizing.

Golden worked with in-house makeup artist Melanie Hart Narbutis, who previously worked with Chantecaille and YSL Beauté, to develop the line.

Prices range from $18 for an eye pencil to $340 for a full brush set. The signature item is a pink lipstick, called “Neapolitan Pink,” inspired by the Carson Fox art installation that hangs in the store.

Popular items include “Delicate,” a cross between a lavender and gray eye shadow, and “Pretty Pink” blush, while the best-selling item is a waterproof brow pencil, Narbutis said.

In addition to seasonal fashion colors, the boutique’s clients inspire the makeup colors, especially the lipsticks, the makeup artist notes. “For instance, Starr Road was inspired by a client who loves to wear bright red and Winnetka Avenue, a perfect plum, was inspired by the person who’s fashionable all day,” she said.

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