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PARTY TIME: Net-a-porter is teaming with the Milanese label Attico to launch an exclusive capsule collection ahead of the holiday season. The 6-piece range, which is set to launch on the e-tailer’s site on Nov. 30, plays with Attico brand signatures such as boudoir-inspired slip dresses, embroidery, and maxi wrap dresses that reference peignoirs.

Given the collection’s drop date, the designers decided to dedicate the capsule range to the holiday season and reinvent the idea of a classic party outfit. They used their signature mix-and-match aesthetic that blends vintage references and precious embellishments with more casual pieces like denim.

“We fantasized about very glamorous parties and drew inspiration from icons of the Golden Era of Hollywood: Marlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall, Ginger Rogers, Ava Gardner, Anna May Wong, and Sofia Loren,” said Ambrosio and Tordini, who named each piece after one of their muses. “The pieces are embroidered, embellished, rich and sparkly. We didn’t abandon our signature vintage feel, so you will find art deco details in the range.”

Among the highlights is a pair of jeans embroidered with gold sequins in the shapes of stars; a long chiffon robe embellished with pearls; and a black kimono-style mini dress with brightly-colored satin appliqués. The designers singled out the latter as one of the most special pieces in the collection. “The Asian-inspired dress references Anna May Wong, the first famous Chinese American movie star in the Thirties, and it’s made in black velvet with white satin lining and unique embroideries, inspired by a carpet we found on one of our travels.”

Denim is a key element in the capsule, and the designers said it will go on to become an important new category for the brand, starting with spring 2017. “We’re suggesting that our customers wear our robes with jeans to make them more casual – so we decided to make our own Attico jeans. Denim breaks the brand’s nostalgia and brings in modernity and freshness.”

Prices start at 475 pounds, or $690.

In addition to extending the line to include denim, Tordini and Ambrosio were quick to add accessories to their spring 2017 range, including satin pouches, embroidered mules, and velvet anklets in order to complete their vision of creating a full wardrobe and a lifestyle around their brand.

“We wanted to get closer to the concept of a wardrobe, so it felt right to start introducing a small range of accessories. At the moment, we consider them as a support to the clothing line, but we enjoyed the design process and the range could grow to become an integral part of the collection.”

Sarah Rutson, vice-president of global buying, pointed to the brand’s velvet anklets as a key accessory of the retailer’s spring 2017 buy. “The ankle is being reimagined as an erogenous zone by many footwear designers this season, and the Attico velvet anklets are priced at an accessible level and are a great way to tap into the trend,” she said.

Net-a-Porter launched Attico’s first collection earlier this year, receiving great response from the consumer. An exclusive capsule had been on the cards from the start.

“When Lisa Aiken (Net’s retail fashion director) and Sarah Rutson approached us at the very beginning, they also mentioned they wanted us to design an exclusive capsule collection for the platform, but we didn’t think that it would happen so soon,” said Ambrosio and Tordini, adding that having presence on the site gave them a platform to broaden their audience in an over-saturated market.

The designers’ established popularity on social platforms was another factor that enabled Attico to reach a wide audience. Ambrosio, used to sharing her style musings on Italian Grazia, is known as one of the most photographed women in Milan’s street style scene.

“Being part of the street style scene, I experienced the other side, the one that designers rarely get to see. I understood another way to communicate a product and how quickly it can arrive to people,” said Ambrosio.

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