Netflix Viral Tweet

“What’s something you can say during sex, but also when you manage a brand Twitter account?”

That’s the question that Netflix posed to its Twitter followers Thursday afternoon, which is a riff on a popular meme and is part of the streaming service’s promotion of the second season of its show, “Sex Education.”

The tweet has since gone viral thanks to a number of major brands across virtually every industry chiming in with their brand slogans, with answers ranging from comical to NSFW.

Some of the more chaste responses came from companies like Instagram, which tweeted “Double Tap,” MTV’s TV show “Catfish” (“I was faking it the entire time”) and Optimum (“You can turn me on just by your voice”), while other brands took creative liberty with their responses. Maybelline, for one, tweeted back “Two to three strokes will do the trick,” while Axe responded, “now 33 percent bigger.” Coach also got in on the fun, responding with, “All wrapped up and ready to give.”

Instagram account Comments by Celebs created a compilation of the most notable Twitter replies to Netflix’s original tweet, which has also gone viral on the social media platform.

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