TRUE BLUE: New Balance went all-out with its American made pride Monday by running full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Trying to generate interest in domestic production, the ad read, “Manufacturing In America Is An Excellent Idea.”

Kevin Tripp, marketing manager, New Balance Enduring Purpose, said Wednesday that the premise of the Arnold Worldwide-campaign was “why not encourage more manufacturers to join us?” The copy notes, “There’s been a lot of news lately about big business bringing manufacturing back to America. Some of those businesses are even our competitors. You might think that woudl make us nervous. But, to us, Made in America isnt about competitive advantage or marketing tactics. It’s always been the right thing to do.”

Trip said of the ad, “It has generated a lot of conversation. We didn’t think some ceo would read this and decide to open a plant here, but we thought it was a good way to sir the discussion.”

As part of its efforts, New Balance has teamed up with the blog “A Continuous Lean,” which lists more than 100 companies that source materials and manufacture in the U.S. Visitors to New Balance’s Facebook page can use an app to measure which of the companies they already “like” on Facebook are listed by A Continuous Lean and they then receive a rating based on that. Users can then share their score an d the app with other Facebook friends. “We wanted to gove people everything they need to go out to support American manufacturers.”