The Nick Graham-designed bomber.

Nick Graham’s love affair with space is continuing.

The designer, who hosted a celestial-themed fashion show that featured Buzz Aldrin as one of the models, has now stepped up to sponsor the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing during a gala celebration at Kennedy Space Center on July 16.

Graham has created a limited-edition bomber jacket that will be sold to raise funds for the Aldrin Family Foundation. The jackets come in silver metallic and black and feature an interior lining featuring the launch of the Saturn 5, a rocket that took astronauts to space between 1967 and 1973. The jackets will retail for $150 and will be available at the Gala as well as at Fred Segal.

As part of the Gala, Graham will also be presenting the “Nick Graham Galactic Couture” award for best-dressed attendee.

“2019 is definitely the year of space,” Graham said, “and it’s thrilling to be in the center of that universe, so to speak. To put it in fashion industry terms: ‘Space is the new black.’”

In addition to his space-themed show, Graham also has an ongoing collection of bow ties with Bill Nye the Science Guy, whose latest collection features astronauts and space suits. This summer, Graham will be releasing a full range of NASA-logoed products and will open a NASA-themed shop at Fred Segal in Los Angeles on June 1.

At a recent Explorers Club dinner in New York celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Aldrin sported Nick Graham’s rocket ship tuxedo alongside the other surviving Apollo mission astronauts.

Buzz Aldrin sported an unorthodox tuxedo at a recent Explorers Club event.  Felix Kunze

“When I saw this picture it made me smile,” Graham said, “I’ve been working with Buzz for the last couple of years since he modeled in my ‘Life on Mars’ show. Needless to say Buzz likes to make an impression, and this time he’s outdone himself.

“Being around such fearless explorers really puts what we do every day in perspective,” her added. “What the Apollo missions accomplished was nothing short of remarkable. When you consider that they landed a man on the moon with only 30K of memory, it makes it even more amazing. You can’t even turn on your phone with 30K of memory these days.”