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FESTIVAL OF KNIGHT: Nick Knight and Showstudio plan to launch a fashion film festival in London in November, WWD has learned.

Showstudio, which already recognizes filmmakers with its Fashion Film Awards, will feature works from these emerging creatives at the festival. Knight, Showstudio’s director, said fashion designers always create their clothes to be seen in movement and that fashion film is the best way to show their creations.

“I am looking for the stars from this new generation of filmmakers, digital animators and 3-D artists, the people who are not afraid to speak from their hearts,” Knight said. “Showstudio is known for allowing total freedom of expression thanks to it is non-corporate and non-elitist status. It is therefore the only world-renowned platform that publishes films free from advertisers’ control. Let’s create a new way of showing moving fashion that reflects the world we want to live in.”

Knight claimed that Showstudio gave fashion film a home in 2000 at a time when no one used film as a medium in fashion. He said that now is the time to give the films a wider visibility by celebrating the filmmakers.

Showstudio will be featuring a range of fashion films made by professionals and emerging filmmakers and will also be including submissions of digital and 3-D animation. In order to promote the festival, fashion filmmakers are encouraged to submit their work on the Showstudio web site.

“We are soon launching a submission briefing which can be seen on Showstudio,” Knight said. “I am putting together a jury of experts to select the best ones.”

The festival will also host panel discussions that will delve into fashion and film. There will be films on show as well as discussions by their filmmakers.

Knight is looking into new technology, from artificial intelligence to virtual reality and robotics. “These will be the new visual landscape,” Knight said. “I want it to be the artists that push the boundaries of what is possible, and to be in leading fashion film making into the future.”

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