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While Gwen Stefani is keeping busy with a hosting gig on “The Voice” and a Revlon ad campaign, her male mates from No Doubt are banding together for a new quartet.

According to Tony Kanal, the bassist for the ska-influenced rock group fronted by the platinum blonde singer from Southern California, Dreamcar is the new project with bandmates Tom Dumont and Adrian Young and also AFI’s Davey Havok.

“New wave, new romantic” is how he summed up Dreamcar’s sound at the party celebrating Raquel Allegra’s new fall collection in Los Angeles on Monday night. As guests milled around models donning his friend’s designs in the middle of her store, Kanal showed off a slick, stylized photo of the quartet.

“It’s kind of a mix between Gary Numan and Kraftwerk,” he said, holding up his phone for a better angle of his Instagram page.

Until the release of their first album on Columbia Records later this year, Kanal said Dreamcar is heading to the desert in April to play at Coachella. “So exciting,” he said, barely able to hide his pride even after all these years with a successful band like No Doubt. Unlike some fashionistas who spend months planning their outfits for the music festival, he confessed that “we’re not that far ahead.” But he could always pack designs by Allegra from his closet.

“He has some Raquel that I steal,” said his wife, actress Erin Lokitz.

“I have a few pieces,” he fessed up.

Kanal would be one of the first to line up for a men’s line from Allegra if she were ever to go that route. “Of course, that’ll be amazing,” he said.

The prospect of the designer even creating clothes for Dreamcar’s tour would be warmly welcomed and proudly worn by him. “That would be fun,” he said.

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