Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali is adding author to her repertoire. The 75-year-old designer has written her first book, “I Am Invincible,” that comes out in February and chronicles her personal and professional life.

In her memoir/guidebook, Kamali lays out a blueprint on how to navigate each decade with purpose and authority.

“It covers my life as a designer, entrepreneur, as a woman and aging with power,” Kamali told WWD. She said the book, which took her two years to write, takes the reader through each passage in a woman’s life, from her teens to over 100, with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle.

Norma Kamali with her new book, “I Am Invincible.”  courtesy shot.


Throughout the 304-page book, Kamali gives advice on timeless style, career-building, fitness, and health through personal stories, daily exercises, favorite recipes, and things women can do to lead healthy, fulfilling and successful lives.

Kamali looks to impart her wisdom on a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise, diet and sleep. “When I’m healthy, I’m strong,” she said. The paperback book, which contains 75 photographs, will be published by Abrams and sells for $35.

Best known for her sleeping bag coat, swimwear, and garments made from silk parachutes and versatile multi-use pieces, Kamali also has a new line of wellness products called Normalife.


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