Not Just A Label

MEMBERS ONLY: Not Just a Label, the online platform for emerging designers, is introducing a premium membership program to cater to its growing network of 35,000 fashion designers from across the globe.

The membership will provide access to NJAL’s new e-commerce platform, which directs visitors back to a designer’s personal online store at no commission.

Members will also gain access to a series of discounted services and products in everything from marketing, education and manufacturing from the likes of Starworks Group, Apple, DHL, Tranoi, as well as WWD, which is offering a free one-year subscription as part of the program.

The idea was to create a “carefully curated tool kit” that would power young designers’ businesses: “The purpose of NJAL+ is to empower emerging designers, providing them with key connections and experiences that will unlock greater levels of growth,” said Stefan Siegel, the platform’s founder and chief executive officer.

The program is set to launch Wednesday, with an introductory fee of $49 per month, which will be available to the first 1,000 designers to sign up.

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