An image from the Primary Pals Kickstarter campaign.

The field of 22 Democrats racing to the party’s primary debates on NBC tonight and Thursday night has spawned a cottage industry of buttons, bobbleheads and bumper stickers for the bumper crop of candidates. But at least one product, Primary Pals, is bound to cause some confusion.

Primary Pals, the plush toys, are “built around the excitement of the [Democratic] primaries,” its Kickstarter page says, along with the tag line, “Cuddle your favorite candidate.” The other Primary Pals, a Sunday school teaching program of the Apostolic Church, offers lessons such as, “Sexual purity is essential to your walk with God. It’s not an option for an obedient Christian, it is a requirement.”

Plush toy Primary Pals are blue and have cute names such as Bernie on a Journey; My Buddy Beto; Ridin’ With Biden; Mayor Pete in the Street; Courageous Kamala Harris, and Persistent Elizabeth Warren

From the other Primary Pals’ teachers’ guide to holiness in appearance, “God created men and women as distinct sexual beings and homosexuality is an abomination to God.”

A featured reward for the Primary Pals Kickstarter campaign. 

The plush toy Primary Pals raised 20 percent of its goal in the first two days of its campaign. There are risks to investors. With so many candidates, the makers didn’t have the resources or demand to make all of the entrants. By launching the products so early, there’s a chance that a candidate not represented by a doll could rise to the head of the pack.