Off-White Binder clip bag

NOW FASHION: While Paris may have largely shunned the instant fashion trend, Virgil Abloh, founder and creative director of indie streetwear label Off-White, is giving it his blessing – albeit with a short wait time between the runway presentation in Paris tonight and availability of the item up for grabs: the Binder clip bag.

Available in three colors – black, white and red – the leather cross-body satchel with an industrial belt strap and clip-inspired hardware, will hit the brand’s Web site as well as its flagship stores in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore on Oct. 2, along with seven retailers to be revealed on the brand’s Instagram page the day prior.

“These bags are a sign of the times, it’s important to me that my consumer and fans who believe in and follow the brand are able to be  a part of the conversations every season. I personally like the idea of being able to get something I like right away versus waiting six months to purchase it,” Abloh explained. “I thought it was time for me to be join the see-now-buy-now conversation and give this option to the marketplace for the customer who may covet the collection, they could get something they liked right away.”