A look from Oliver Moores’ new Frescobol Carioca collection.

LONDON — Frescobol Carioca, the luxury men’s wear resort brand, has appointed Oliver Moores as their new creative director to expand the brand’s design offering and to oversee its growth strategy.

Moores previously served as the senior men’s wear designer at Neil Barrett and prior to that, trained at Savile Row. Moores’ debut spring 2019 collection is more daring and bold. It marks a definitive shift for the label and the designer’s intentions to transition into a lifestyle brand.

“There are only a few brands that are doing resort wear and we are missing big, key markets”, said Moores, adding that he has been designing with both the creativity and commercial appeal of clothes in mind.

“I felt that there were so many missed opportunities, there were so many new styles that the brand could be doing such as print and twinsets”, he said.

For the new collection, Moores introduced print, inspired by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, and color such as mau mau orange and lemon yellow, which Moores said had piqued the interest of buyers and “became the heaviest-bought section for the season.”

“All the pastels and washed-out colors have been some of our bestsellers and only just recently, I’ve injected black into the collection. Navy used to be our darkest color but being a 21st-century resort brand, you can’t ignore the fact that everyone wears black,” he added.

While swimwear has been the bread and butter of the brand, buyers are becoming more interested in resort wear pieces. “The growth in sales has been really interesting and the predominant sales have been coming from everything new; our shirts jumped from sixth to being our third best-selling category”, said Moores.

“We have buyers, like Selfridges and Mr Porter, who like everything that is new. We did a seersucker camp collar shirt for the season before this and it sold out on Mr Porter in a week and a half,” he added.

The brand is gaining traction in the U.K., but Moores is keen to have a stronger foothold in new markets such as Australia, Asia and the U.S. He believes that these areas are hot spots for a lifestyle men’s wear brand.

“Coming into the brand, my biggest discussion with Max Leese and Harry Brantly (founders of Frescobol Carioca) was assessing our future in these new markets. I believe that the collection is at 30 percent of its potential but we’re going to approach growth organically,” said Moores.