ONE AND DONE: Nicole Miller has given new meaning to the idea of taking the bull by the horns. For an appearance on the TV program “Celebrity Bucket List,” the designer learned to lasso a bull though that proved to be easier said than done. After a two-day crash course on a Phoenix ranch, Miller was good to go. “I managed to do it but it wasn’t so easy. I was OK with the stationary bull but I didn’t do as well when it ran,” she said. “But it was fun.”

Roping and riding wasn’t as she imagined. “Lassoing is totally different than it looks. The motion is front to back instead of making a circle,” Miller said.

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Protected from the bull by a pen, the designer said, “You definitely would not want to be on the other side of those horns.”

With bull-wrangling done and dusted, Miller can give a gander to the rest of her bucket list, which includes dog sledding in Iceland, trekking to Easter Island and airboat riding in the Everglades. “Everybody goes skydiving and does things like that,” Miller said. “Lassoing a bull wasn’t even on the top of my list.”