THE HUNT: The SIL aims to be the window into the worlds of hard-to-find designers, many of whom have yet to fully embrace online commerce.

The latest online boutique to launch fancies itself a platform for independent designers who have garnered followings for their one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find pieces.

“The SIL is a vehicle. I want to shed light on the designers that I love who don’t have third-party retailers or their own web sites. It was really born out of my love for [designer] Tish Cox,” said founder Natalie Bloomingdale, who is also a partner at public relations firm Nash & Lee PR Shop.

The company’s name is an acronym for Stuff I Love, which succinctly describes Bloomingdale’s penchant for Cox’s pieces, which she has often worn to galas and luncheons. She came upon the designer after seeing one of her blouses and from there went to Dallas to track Cox down.

The SIL officially opens for business Wednesday with a concise collection of six pieces. About 85 percent of the site will be pieces from Cox. The rest will be from Martha Medeiros and Hayden Lasher. The opening price point on the site at launch will be $495, with Bloomingdale’s saying the customer she’s targeting is someone who doesn’t mind investing in a handmade, timeless piece.

“It’s all about the find; it’s about the hunt. I’m not trying to just put a bunch of things on the site,” she said. “It’s [about] seeking quality pieces and an investment piece that will give you many returns over the years to come.”

Pieces from Ariana Rockefeller and Cassandra Collections are set to roll out on the site at a later date.

The SIL, which is self-funded, will handle fulfillment out of its Los Angeles headquarters.

Moving forward, Bloomingdale wants an edited collection of designers who make exclusive pieces that she described as classic and ladylike.

“Not everyone gets it, wants it, cares and that’s fine,” she said. “That doesn’t mean it’s avant-garde. Everything is wearable. It’s pieces I gravitate toward now but will withstand every closet purge.”

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