The OTB Foundation's “Brave Action for a Better World” charity initiative.

BRAVE CHARITY: OTB’s Only the Brave Foundation is launching the second round of its “Brave Actions for a Better World” charity initiative, which first debuted last year to mark the association’s 10th anniversary.

Open to any Italian nonprofit organizations, the initiative pledges to donate 200,000 euros to fund projects aimed at fighting poverty, supporting employment and access to healthcare and education. The OTB Foundation also asks applicants to submit projects that fall within the U.N.’s sustainable development goals.

“The COVID-19 emergency generated new health, social and environmental-related needs. The upcoming months looks already problematic, potentially impacting the ability to access fundamental rights,” commented Arianna Alessi, vice president of the OTB Foundation, which since 2008 has developed a range of social responsibility projects worldwide.

“When the situation gets harder you need to reaffirm your bravery. The virus spotlighted all the weak points of our society and in this post-emergency context and new normal, our foundation is committed to improve the social condition of disadvantaged people,” she added.

Associations can apply from July 23 to Sept. 23 through a dedicated website hosted by Italia Non Profit, an organization that groups local nonprofits and supports them operating and administrative duties with digital tools and assets.

During the most severe phases of lockdown and health emergency in Italy, the OTB Foundation decided to take an unconventional approach, as reported.

Instead of making a multimillion euro donation to a major institution, it has donated almost 1 million PPEs, including surgical masks; filter masks; scrubs; shoe covers and hand-sanitizing gels to around 100 Italian hospitals, retirement homes and other Italy-based organizations. In addition, the foundation sourced and distributed 30 sophisticated air cleaners, conceived by NASA and usually employed in space missions, 50 helmets for breathing assistance, 80 full face masks and severals iPads, enabling patients to remain connected with their families.

While the OTB Foundation decided to mainly operate in suburban areas or smaller cities, it also supported the work to convert an area of Milanese Fatebenefratelli Sacco hospital’s pediatric department into a dedicated COVID-19 ward.

Since its establishment, Only the Brave Foundation has supported about 250 international projects focused on social development with an impact on the life of 250,000 people.

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