Outdoor Voices Tyler Haney

GO WEST: Outdoor Voices, the young athletic brand that seeks to provide a different kind of activewear, is headed to the West Coast.

The New York-based company is ambitious in its goal to become “the next great activewear brand,” according to its founder and ceo Tyler Haney, which would mean looking to unseat the likes of a Nike or Lululemon. However, Haney’s company is focused on building a brand different from the current competitive set with a tagline of “technical apparel for recreation” that’s seen as approachable to people who may not necessarily be workout buffs or serious athletes. That means warm-up and cool-down kits for both women and men featuring stylish top and bottom basics, along with other sweat-wicking, mix-and-match sweats, leggings and tops.

“What our focus for this year is, we’ve been talking about being this niche-y cool fashion brand, which is nice, but we’re trying to move to the other side of the spectrum, which is about we stand for recreation [and] approachable, inclusive activity,” said Haney, who spoke with WWD just before hitting the stage this past weekend at Sophia Amoruso’s inaugural Girlboss Rally. “We really want to build the next great activewear brand so when we think of the big guys, that’s the path that we’re on. And the product and the brand are resonating in a big way with people who are active enough, but they’re not athletes.”

The company most recently raised a $13 million Series B last July and currently counts four stores in New York, Austin and Dallas. Four more are slated for this year, Haney said, with one of those expected to be in Los Angeles.

“New York’s been really awesome in terms of a launching pad for us, but starting to exist where people are being more active is key,” she added of how the company thinks about positioning itself in the future.

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