Outnet.com LightUpTheRoom

LIGHTING UP LFW: The Outnet.com, Net-a-porter’s sister discount site, has mounted a public light installation for London Fashion Week, which starts today.

The installation is housed in Lights of Soho, a private member’s club, just a few steps away from Brewer Street Carpark, the hub of London Fashion Week.

Made Up Ltd., a company that creates bespoke event experiences, was commissioned by the online retailer to craft an interactive light installation. The creation was designed with a bespoke LED screen made up of over 1,200 bulbs in a palette of 28 colors. The installation was designed to react to the user’s personal style.

In addition to the #LightUpTheRoom concept, the online retailer has created a lounge with Wi-Fi access and charging areas for mobile devices.

The Outnet’s executive vice president of sales, marketing and creative Andres Sosa noted that having “a voice and presence during LFW can pose as a challenge” and decided to create the installation to have a “credible and relevant voice during the showcase.”

“This unique light installation will allow us to create an inclusive, interactive and digital experience not only for the fashion industry, but also to our customers and the public,” said Sosa. “Participants will be part of a global shareable social moment, as light and color are the perfect global mediums to bring one’s personal style to life.”

The installation will run from Friday until Tuesday.