OVS #wecare campaign

GETTING SUSTAINABLE: OVS is taking another step toward a more sustainable future.

The Italian retailer, operating 1,700 stores, said that by 2020, 100 percent of the cotton used for its collections will be sustainable. It will include organic cotton, cotton coming from cultivations certified by Better Cotton Initiative, a nonprofit promoting better standards in cotton farming and practices across 21 countries, as well as recycled cotton.

This significant commitment will enable OVS to save 14 billion liters of water, 15 tons of pesticides and 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

OVS was the first Italian company in 2016 to support Better Cotton Initiative, which listed the retailer among the 15 more virtuous companies in the world thanks to its important contribution to the sales of products crafted from materials sourced from more sustainable cultivations.

In addition, with the spring 2020 season, OVS will further increase the use of sustainable alternatives for a range of materials, including viscose produced with cellulose certified by FSC, as well as nylon and polyester obtained recycling plastic bottles.

All these initiatives are part of OVS’ #wecare launched in 2016 and aimed at accelerating the sustainable revolution across the company’s different business units, including product offering, retail and human resources.

In March this year, investment merchant bank Tamburi Investment Partners invested 74.9 million euros in the company, becoming its main shareholder with a 22.7 percent share.