HANSEL HITS MANILA: Owen Wilson breezed Manila in The Philippines for what was supposed to be a low-key private visit over the weekend but he obviously had friends who took him to the right places.

He was practically a regular at the tony Manila Polo Club, where he managed to play a game of tennis, do a few laps in the pool, and even take in an equestrian competition on Sunday. Members expecting to see Wilson reprise his Hansel character in “Zoolander” and “Zoolander 2,” sartorially speaking at least, quickly got used to the sight of him shirtless around the club.

He was also spotted strolling at the Legaspi Village market, an open-air market with organic fresh produce in a neighborhood dominated by condominiums and office buildings that takes on a West Village vibe on weekends.

One of his friends, Sabrina Van Cleef Ault, took him to hang out at Manila’s hottest bar, the cozy speakeasy Bank Bar. Tucked away in the basement of a bank, the bar is something of an insider’s place – with no visible signage, visitors have to go through a 7-11 store and climb down a hidden staircase to get inside.

Van Cleef Ault is the wife of nightclub impresario Michael Van Cleef Ault, who has been called “The King of New York Nightlife.” The man behind Pangaea in New York moved to Asia in 2011 to open Pangaea and Avalon at the Crystal Palace in Singapore. Last year he opened Pangaea and Chaos in the new City of Dreams casino and entertainment complex in Manila.