PAMELA LOVE ENTERS OPITCAL: Pamela Love is bringing her rock n’roll aesthetic to a new market: eyewear. The jewelry designer has partnered with Selima Salaun, founder of Selima Optique, to produce the collection. “I wanted to work with Selima because I’ve always been a fan of her brand,” Love said of the French optician. “When I moved to New York my first major fashion purchase was a pair of her sunglasses and I’ve been wearing them ever since.” The initial launch will include two styles: Sophie, a rounded way-farer, and Allison, a retro-inspired cat-eye. “I wanted to create something classic and timeless that would look good on most shapes and made of the best materials,” Love said. “I wanted to make a pair of sunglasses that a woman would never leave the house without.” The glasses will retail for just under $400 and be sold at Selima stores, as well as other retailers.