Balenciaga fall 2017

FLUSHIN’ RIDICULOUS: At least Alexander Wang had an excuse. At the long-abandoned RKO Hamilton Theater where he showed in New York, there were no indoor bathrooms.

But at Balenciaga at Espace Champerret in Paris, someone just didn’t want you to go. A security guard, either under instruction or going rogue, informed at least three full-bladdered women that the facilities were “broken.” Understanding their dismay, a lovely young woman (unnamed lest she face repercussions) working front-of-house tried to help. She spent what felt like a good 10 minutes circling the space in search of another option, twice checking back with the guard who held firm on the lack of access to the “broken” bathrooms. On her third pass, he shrugged and said something to the effect of, “OK, be quick.” The door directly behind him opened upon the restrooms: a ladies’ room with seven stalls, nice and clean, at least two of which worked perfectly (the others weren’t checked).

Note to show hosts: We run around a lot during shows, and bodily functions happen. Please don’t make us have to beg to pee. Thank you.

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