Charlotte Rampling

DARK MATTER: The Loewe show on Saturday morning, held in a blacked-out space inside UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris, brought out a fear of the dark in guests including Charlotte Rampling.

Guided by ushers with torchlights, the British actress had to cross three rooms to get to her seat. The only other sources of light were the spotlights trained on photographs from the Twenties by Lionel Wendt and the orchids dotted throughout the space.

“I did something which really worried me once in Berlin. I was taken during the festival, when I was president, to a restaurant run by blind people, and they take you into complete darkness,” she said.

“Here it’s not complete darkness, but something does happen to me. I’m not that comfortable with it, although I just love to be able to focus on what I’m seeing, from the orchids and the photography — just that they’re brought out in this way I think is extraordinary,” Rampling continued.

“I think the concept is extraordinary and I love it. It doesn’t really matter what I feel, because it’s actually what’s going to happen that’s important,” she said (sounding like a pro who is used to taking direction.)

Rampling will be seen next in “The Sense of an Ending,” adapted from the novel by Julian Barnes, and costarring Jim Broadbent, Michelle Dockery and Emily Mortimer.

“It’s a multicast. I mean, I’m the sort of pivot in the sense that I’m the original woman about who the Jim Broadbent character sort of fantasizes and really wants to get back to see, because there was an unresolved business,” she said.

The movie is set for release in the U.S. on March 10.